Can I Fix My Bad Credit Alone

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Can I Fix My Bad Credit Alone?

Certainly, you can! But let me ask you this: why fix it alone when you can have help?

While I’m not saying that it’s better to fix bad credit with the help of an expert, there are some indisputable advantages when you hire a professional credit repair company to take over your credit problems. If you don’t have the time for it, naturally it’s better to turn over everything to a professional credit repair company. If you don’t think you have enough experience dealing with the finance people – haggling, negotiating, disputing and so on – then once again, maybe it’s time to call for 911. There are just so many things you have to do when you’re fixing bad credit that really, when you compare what you’d have to go through with the amount the credit repair company is going to charge you, it seems like you’re paying a small price indeed.

But if you’re determined to try it out alone first then certainly, I won’t stop you and indeed congratulate you for having the fortitude for such a task.

Task #1 – Getting A Copy Of Your Credit Report

Listen well and remember: you need a copy of your credit report. Don’t rely on secondhand information. Don’t overestimate your knowledge of your credit history by telling yourself that you know everything that’s contained in your credit report. Really, you don’t. So be a good little boy (or girl) and follow Mama’s orders. Approach any of the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, take your pick – and ask for a copy of your credit report. If you’re feeling particularly diligent, why not ask a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus?

Task #2 – Understanding The Contents of Your Credit Report

Here’s our rule: if you want to prove the naysayers wrong by showing them that indeed you can fix your bad credit all by your lonesome, you should be very thorough when reviewing the items listed in your credit report. Absolutely no exception. Start from the very beginning and read on till the very last period. Mistakes can even happen with the personal information bit. If you’re Mary Roberts from Philadelphia, then why the heck are you listed as Mary Roberts from Louisiana? There’s an estimated thirty percent chance that your credit report could contain errors so there, that should keep you going.

Task #3 – Dispute!

Argue, beg, be persistent and never give up. Do what it has to take to make sure that those erroneous items are removed from your record on time. And be cunning. File for disputes a week before Christmas and Thanksgiving and since it’s a busy time of the year, the may just be obliged to temporarily erase those items from your records for lack of sufficient evidence.

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